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reVELOtion.com is comitted to proliferating bicycling. Indoor-cycling group classes provide the perfect setting for the largest groups to safely experience cycling. Opportunities to grow continue outdoors in small, slow-riding groups, on quiet paths. A careful transition to sportive cycling, also on varied terrain, yields cyclists fit for the most extreme challenge, -Navigating the urban jungle!


Authentic pedaling over dynamic musical landscapes defines reVELOtion.com indoor-cycling classes.  Beyond the fun and the multitude of health benefits, the reVELOtion.com method of training subtly raises the participant’s bond to real-world cycling and primes them for further re-engagement.  You’ll become leaner more centered and have more endurance in just a few classes.

With workshops, event-classes and marathons we take you to the next level.  This is our opportunity to get technical, to go big musically and to go-for-gold athletically.  Most importantly we strive to “keep it real” by catering to the needs of every-day cyclists.   Ask your club if they have any reVELOtion.com trainers in their team.  


reVELOtion.com is proud to host a calendar of comfortable yet sportive outdoor-rides appropriate for new and returning cyclists. reVELOtion.com also offers technical-riding workshops that increase everyone’s safety and comfort on the bicycle. See our workshop calendar for instruction that fits your schedule.

Experienced reVELOtionaries enjoy a summer full of bicycle Touring Events as their athletic highlights. Veteran reVELOtionaries can be spotted mixing it up at regional and national hobby races.

Destination Travel (like to Mallorca, Spain) provides another unique opportunity to rise to an extraordinary challenge and reap extraordinary rewards. In combination with breathtaking settings, delicious food and great company, destination travel makes for unforgettable experiences and solidifies the participant’s bond to cycling.

Road, Track or Trail, reVELOtion.com is here to welcome you back to cycling ….and keep you here!


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